Creative Alchemy

Within each of us resides an infinite expansive creative intelligence that allows us to connect to our authentic nature as well as our own Source of life and light. The creative process is one of expansive heart based intelligence that exists outside of our conscious awareness. Through the process of writing, drawing, painting, dancing, and movement we can tap into hidden elements within our being and connect to them for healing, expansion, self-knowledge, and joy! This seminar is a deep dive into the creative process co-mingled with spiritual techniques for vibrational expansion. It is a journey into the depths of your being reaching in to find the Cosmos and the infinity of all existence, the truth of your spirit and the sound of your soul.

12 Week Transformational Program:

  • Clear away any obstructions to your true self

  • Reversing social conditioning

  • De-programing and re-programing belief systems

  • Healing unresolved emotional wounds

  • Clarifying the energy field

  • Connecting to Source and your I AM presence

  • Magic and manifestation

  • Stepping into Illuminated Earth Consciousness

  • Utilizing creativity to heal, clear, and connect

  • Embodiment of Divine Self through movement

  • Self expression and self realization through visual art

  • Mental processes through writing

Included in program:

  • Daily/weekly creative projects

  • Daily/weekly spiritual practices

  • Meditation techniques

  • Self-healing techniques

  • Tools and techniques for manifestation

  • How to use creativity to heal, grow, and expand spiritually

  • Monthly Celestial Purification Session

  • Monthly Channeled Reading

  • Monthly Coaching Session