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Metatrons Cube Activation

60-Minute Remote Healing: $175

The Metatron’s Cube attunement and activation is done with a golden Metatron’s Cube and angelic frequency to place the 5 platonic solids in spiritual form (Metatrons Cube) into the 13 energy centers (including the Cosmic Heart) of the stellated dodecahedron of light within the auric field.  This process will align you with higher dimensional energies, Source, and your I AM presence to awaken you to your true soul purpose, so you are thus able to fully step into your truth and light. This activation will help light the way forward into the New Golden Age, transmute the old into the new, elevate your frequency to higher dimensional levels, and ground your elevated frequency and Golden Light into your physical body and Gaia.  It aids in the development of personal and collective Illuminated Earth Consciousness.

I measure the 13 Gateways to see where you are fully connected and what needs to be worked on or cleared. We will open all energy centers and discuss the flow of energy or any issues that may have been presented.

This is a very powerful session and can create immense shifts and changes within your being! Most importantly, it connects you fully to the True Light, Source, and your I AM presence and allows for the flow of information, love and light to permeate your being.

I had been struggling with energy loss for several years, not understanding the cause nor the cure. Acupuncture seemed to help somewhat, but the symptoms always returned. Well, through working with One Precious Light, not only do I now understand the source of the loss of energy, she has actually healed it for me! I now am able to access Creational Source Energy in ways I never could before — and I am so grateful!
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Celestial Purification

90-Minute Remote Healing: $225

This is a deeply relaxing and anxiety reducing session! This session clears and charges all 7 in body chakras with sound, sacred geometry and Reiki energy. Using celestial music, tibetan singing bowls and a specific steel tongue drum attuned to the frequency of each chakra the entire chakra system and auric field is opened, cleared and balanced. This session opens up the crown chakra and allows for celestial energies to saturate the physical body and auric field. As this happens there is a realignment and re-balancing of the energetic system. Lower vibration energies that the client is willing to let go of will be released and pulled from the auric field. Most clients feel a lightness and clarity of mind and body when finished. It is recommended that three sessions are done initially (every two weeks). The first session clears superficial and unneeded energies, the second session we can access the deeper and more intense energies to release them, and the third is a final clearing.

After these three sessions I recommend one session every 3-6 months depending on clients needs or preferences. It is important to maintain your energy as a lifestyle, which I can coach as well.

One Precious Light has given me regular energy healings remotely for the past three months. What always blows my mind is when we discuss the healing afterwards, she tells me what she saw and balanced, and it perfectly corresponds to what I’ve been experiencing leading up to the session. It has been extraordinarily comforting knowing she is mending my energy centers as well as helping me trust my own intuitive knowledge of what is off balance.