Integrating Polarity

I feel as though many people are working through polarity. Trying to understand how to be a high vibrational being, but are still processing and somewhat attached to darker things (or people, situations) that they feel do not embody the same frequency they wish to become, or even already are. All of life is conscious, and consciousness was created via Source - referencing the Source of Life. Whatever, and however you perceive that Source to be. The True Source of creation, is (in my opinion) pure energy, it is the highest frequency energy there is. It is non-judgmental, it just is. Now to put some highly simplistic rational thought into this idea:

We are just energy - .001% mass.

When we tap into love, gratitude, compassion our physical bodies respond with LIFE - conscious expansion - our physical body’s begin to regenerate and heal at a cellular level when sustained. DNA opens and expands.

When we tap into fear and anxiety our frequency lowers - gets further from Life Source energy. Our physical bodies start breaking down. DNA freezes and starts deteriorating.

If you can perceive it like a column of light descending from Source into your being - or any being - If this source of Life is flowing, open, and continuous, you will feel connected to Source, to love, to life. If there are kinks, or blocks within the stream of Source energy you will feel a sense of depression, anxiety, fear. The stronger your connection to Source the more expansive, positive, and empowered you will feel. Paying attention to the times when you feel expanded and loved are key. All of life - ALL OF LIFE - even those in profound separation were created from Source. They are at the heart, the exact same as everyone and everything else - once you pull back all of the layers of wounds, or deception about their true nature. This is integration.

No matter how one presents themselves, or how you perceive them, underneath the separation, pain, and darkness there exists the exact same Source Light that fuels their consciousness - no matter the dimension or frequency. Understanding this helps when you are working to integrate polarities or work with Universal Love and Understanding. Some beings “feed” off of positive energy, or even negative energy, this may give them temporary life force energy. But in the end what all beings are searching for is True Light - true connection - not siphoned light, and not dark energy. Some are just so disconnected from Source, they can’t even begin to understand it.

This whole shift is happening because Earth herself was cut off from the Source of True Light. A false light was created - and it was hard to actually reach True Light, that has changed, and many beings have worked to release the false matrix grid. So now, that we all have access to True Light, without hindrance, and without fear, those that know - can use it to pull in more Light, and expand more light, and help more who may still feel or even be separated. There is no judgment here, there never should have been, but there was a time where the pull from complete separation or complete integration could have gone the other way. We have passed that, the tipping point was reached. The collective has successfully reached a threshold - the majority of beings resonate at higher frequency now.

No one being is “better” than another, there is no judgment, there is no difference. Authenticity and individuality are our birthright, and I am by no means saying we are all the same in our identities, it is the light that exists as our link to LOVE to LIFE that is all the same, as it was birthed from the same place. There are not two sources of life, there is One.

I have personally witnessed this shift in beings in profound separation. Third eye, and crown chakra’s were functioning normally, but their higher gateways were closed. A simple healing process to attune the higher gateways, clear them, and reconnect them resolved the fear based consciousness rather quickly. This may not have been so simple even a year ago. If you consciously connect to this True Light daily, it will build, it will expand, and you will be able to help others see it within themselves.

Now, if you are seasoned conspiracy theorist, you are aware of the horrendous acts that have been committed against humanity. These were necessary to keep the false matrix grid in place, the fear based energy that was created, kept the Matrix in place. But this energy had to be generated through fear mechanisms within humans. Even this is from True Light but it is pulled, mutated and redirected to sustain the false matrix. True light needs no mutation, no redirection, no siphoning, it is everywhere. Liberation comes from understanding that YOU ARE THIS LIGHT ALREADY. You don’t have to become more, or be better, you are and always have been this LIGHT, the only struggle might be strengthening the link - clearing the wounds, and understanding the unlimited potential YOU ALREADY HAVE. Much Love!

Mariah Baretta