Your Consciousness as Your OS

As things flow, let them flow, change what you can, focus on what you want, and let go of the rest. As you get closer and closer to your divine self expression, the faster manifestations will be created, as your soul has things it needs that you may not be aware of, until you are zoned into the wants and needs of it as the authentic being that it is. Your subconscious mind, and conscious mind can be controlled and manipulated, yet your soul cannot.

The ever expansive, limitless spirit that dwells within your physical body is the All That Is that traverses the many different dimensions and experiences that the world of consciousness has to offer. Reality is consciousness, it is formless, space less, and unlimited. For space and time to exist there has to be some sort of structure or organization for consciousness to exist as a physical reality.

Consciousness is the structure on which our lives are built. You can think of it like an operating system, although expansive, there are organizational means by which to produce the reality in which you live. The subconscious mind is the basic operating system. It just works without thinking, it runs everything, and is the foundation of all. The consciousness is the actions or programs that you start, work with, and quit, when you are ready.

To access and change fundamental realities you have to work with the fundamental operating system, the subconscious mind, and to access that you have to go in and delete entire programs that aren’t working, and replace them with one’s that work for you. Say you have a program of lack and you want to change that, you have to go in and delete the lack program and reprogram an abundance program. There are healers that can help you with this now, but there are ways to do this that are “technologically” advanced. That many do not know about.

Your subconscious mind was programed with the majority of it’s root systems when you were pre-birth to 6 (ish). BUT the subconscious mind is always being programmed. To watch for things you don’t want corrupting your OS you have to make sure you aren’t accidentally getting downloads or viruses that you don’t want, which means living a “clean” energetic life, allowing only the music, art, movies, news, friends, food, in that are in alignment with what you want to be running and the life you want to live.

The gift humans have, is the gift of emotion. Emotions are our guide, and our short cut to reprogramming our operating systems. Emotions are moving energy. If we were to just experience life as operating systems with no emotions we would just be programs running out our subconscious lives in space time, but emotions give us life. The cool thing about it is we get to choose what we feel, this is our power. When you realize you have control over your emotions no matter who or what exists outside of you, you can shift and change your experience, you can connect to your Divine Self at ANY point.

Getting deeper into emotions, is the ability to choose the high frequency realities, or the lower. There is no judgment in this, it is all just energy, looking for a way to manifest in space time. The closer you get to the heart of love, within yourself, the closer you get to your Divine self. All consciousness was created (from the beginning of time) from the highest frequency energy there is. It is not within our ability to comprehend but the closest comparison is to that of Universal Love.

Life, creates life. Your physical body that exists in the structure of space time responds to emotions. Love expands (it literally is the emotion that heals the physical body, mind and emotions). Fear freezes (the body begins breaking down and disconnects from life giving, and healing properties). To reprogram any subconscious beliefs one must be in a state of self love and acceptance. The structure upon which you build your reality has to be built from the ground up, this is why the healing process can be so intense. It requires a breaking down of the old structures, rebuilding the new, and allowing emotions to flow. This is life. Repetition is key in rebuilding the operating system.

If consciousness is all expansive and limitless and our space time reality is based on the programs that are within our subconscious mind, then our lives are also expansive and limitless, all things can be reprogrammed and rewritten. All things can heal, all things can expand, all things can become limitless. The only confines you have are the one’s you accept. Figure out what needs to change, and change it. You can, and if you understand your power to do so. You will. ~Mariah Baretta

Mariah Baretta