Multi-Dimensional Painting

We are multi-dimensional beings with the ability to travel through the quantum field via our consciousness. Within these multi-dimensional spaces we are able to access expanded awareness and higher vibrational frequencies - that allow us to grow spiritually into the highest version of ourselves. Within the last few years, I began exploring multi-dimentional reality consciously, it is through exploration of this spiritual gift merged with my visual art, healing, and coaching that I am offering this Multi-Dimensional Painting experience and session.

I have been an artist my entire life, painting for over 25 years. Selling artwork in boutiques and galleries in Colorado, New York, and California, as well as original artwork and prints globally. Painting and creativity in general were a huge part of my healing journey, helping me to access information about my internal world that I was unable to grasp until the paint, music, and fabric began to flow.

I began channeling and “pulling spirit” when I paint while I was working my way up the ascension ladder. I realized many beings were trying to get my attention to either be seen in the 3D or to work with me personally. Many higher dimensional beings called me to paint them for very specific people.

You can see some of my previous work HERE.

This offering is one of healing, expansion, support, spiritual awakening, creativity, and (of course) Skywalking. I wanted to offer this experience to others as a way to feel the energetic shifts, to work with the majestic and miraculous energy of the higher dimensions with a visual, tangible piece of work bringing inspiration, love, healing, and higher vibes into the life, experience, expression, and home of others.

We begin the experience with a full Skywalking Session which includes:

  • Celestial Purification session: Reiki, Sound Healing, and Spiritual Healing. This session clears the chakra systems and physical body of lower vibrational energy so clarity and inner peace can be felt.

  • Metatron’s Cube Activation: This is an energy analysis, activation, and attunement of the 13 energy centers including the higher and lower gateways.

  • Skywalking Reading: This is an intensive, and detailed reading done with the spirit team of the client.

  • Skywalking Journey: This is a journey I will take to gain info about the client to see who would like to be known and worked with on a spiritual level for the painting and the betterment of the health and life of the client.

  • 1 Hour Long Coaching Session to go over what was discovered, how to move forward in life, and more information about the painting that will be done.

  • The painting will be designed with the colors needed, the textures felt, the spirit team that came through, and the healing information coded into the piece.
    All done remotely - Available globally

Each piece will be 24 x 36 inches unless discussed otherwise. I take about a month to finish (depending on demand, it may be faster or slower).


The entire process is $2,500.00. I require a non-refundable $1,250 up front for supplies, session, and time invested in the work. The remaining amount due will be required before the piece is shipped.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with me directly before beginning the process please email me at

Much Love!

Mariah Baretta

One Precious Light