Angel Reading

Via Email: $40
Via Zoom: $60

This is a 9 card spread detailing messages from spirit. This can be initiated a few different ways. It can be general guidance based on what comes through about your soul path, energetic situation, and spiritual truths, or you can ask specific questions regarding the shadow elements behind issues, or conflicts in your life that you are working through. This is NOT a psychic prediction, as we all create our own reality. This is guidance about your energetic/spiritual/mental/emotional well-being.


Divine Alignment Reading

Via Zoom: $80

This reading will enlighten you to the conflicts between your highest self and your conscious self. Giving in depth guidance into the healing needed to merge your being into divine alignment.

You will receive an energy analysis reading that goes hand in hand with the mental/emotional/spiritual healing that is needed to clear the way to a more soul based existence in alignment with your highest self - helping you to consciously manifest your dreams with more spiritual power.