Angel Reading


This is a 9 card spread detailing messages from spirit. This can be initiated a few different ways. It can be general guidance based on what comes through about your soul path, energetic situation, and spiritual truths, or you can ask specific questions regarding the shadow elements behind issues, or conflicts in your life that you are working through. This is NOT a psychic prediction, as we all create our own reality. This is guidance about your energetic/spiritual/mental/emotional well-being.

The 5 Elements


This is a 15 card spread detailing the current state of the Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Action based aspects of self. The reading details each area and defines transmutational guidance for each area and the composite of all area’s combined.

One Precious Light’s readings are always spot-on, filled with love and acceptance of wherever I am at on my path. I really feel cared for and nurtured and her light-working guidance is impeccable.

Divine Alignment Reading


This reading will enlighten you to the conflicts between your highest self and your conscious self. Giving in depth guidance into the healing needed to merge your being into divine alignment.

You will receive an energy analysis reading that goes hand in hand with the mental/emotional/spiritual healing that is needed to clear the way to a more soul based existence in alignment with your highest self - helping you to consciously manifest your dreams with more spiritual power.

Business + Finance Alignment


This reading details business (life purpose), financial situation, your internal world, how you communicate, and what needs to shift to align the inner self with the outer expression of self, as well as detailed action steps to take to align yourself and your business with the flow of Divine Love and Authenticity.

Mariah (One Precious Light) is really good at holding space for you to be in your own duality — light and dark — with great patience, and without judgment. I have been able to move through some huge shadow work as a result of my comprehensive reading sessions with her, connecting more reliably with my inner wisdom and higher guidance.