Soul Spark Session


We all have a very unique and original energetic imprint. Within this space, we hold specific codes and information about ourselves and our purpose in the world. To be able to clearly perceive these codes, and our authentic and original imprint it is important to clear out the clutter, the dense energy, and the distractions that are holding us back from stepping into our power. This session opens, clears, activates, and transmutes the energy to help clarify the soul spark within.

This is a Non-Local Quantum Healing and Channeling Session.

Soul Spark is a consolidated session allowing for all/any of my readings, or healing sessions, to be merged, combined, or utilized in this one offering.

In this session you will receive:

  • 12 Chakra Activation, clearing, balancing - 12 Strand DNA activation - Light Body Activation

  • A spiritual reading (15-30 cards or more depending on how much information comes through)

  • A full coaching session

  • Plan of action moving forward

All of my sessions are “Spiritual Healing” which means that higher dimensional beings and energies are in charge of the space, the healing, and the work, along with the higher self of the client.

I open up the energetic pathways, gateways, chakra’s, and communication. I initiate, navigate, and oversee the work and the messages that come through. Each session is completely individual and there is no formula - I utilize my expertise in many different healing modalities, and communicate with spirit to organize the best healing, and guidance possible for the client at that time.

Each session raises the frequency of the individual to the highest level to allow for soul expansion, healing, miracles, magic, abundance, love, and flow in and throughout each individuals life. This session clears the energy, mind, emotions, and aligns the spirit allowing for clarity to see and live with the authentic soul self.