Illumination in itself not an objective or a goal, it is a process of growth through layers of energy and vibration.

When we choose to live from the perspective that we are energy, shifting and changing as fluently as the breeze or as waves of the ocean, we can begin to see how the energetic approach to life can be instilled as a philosophy on living. 

The human form is almost all energy, composed of .001% mass and 99.99% energy. 

The Illumination process is one of tremendous life giving attributes as it moves us closer to our true source of life.  We are light, and our cells radiate this light, the clearer our minds and hearts are, the clearer our path becomes.  Lower vibrational energy that is interwoven in our energetic systems can be dispersed and cleansed through the process of energy healing, creativity, self-love, or any number of avenues, there is no right way and there is no goal to reach, it is an endless, eternal process of revolution, transmutation, and self knowledge. 

As you begin to clear the light body or lower frequency energies, more pure light, high vibrational fields of information, wisdom, healing energy, peace, love, can enter the energy of your being, this creates resonance that then attracts similar experiences to you.  You can begin to glow with the light of Source, with the light of Love, and with your authentic and individualized light.  It is in the process of ascending the lower frequencies that we step into more love, more peace, more understanding, more wisdom.  Shedding these frequencies is not always easy, and takes tremendous courage and sustained will, but the benefits to growing in this way are powerful beyond measure. 

As you heal your physical body goes through a re-coding process, your DNA awakens and begins to realign your spirit with your authentic self void of mental programing, distortions from society, subconscious wounds, limiting beliefs and emotional trauma.  Your light body begins to shift and the energetic structure that your life is built on begins to change shape, with that your physical life will change as well.  You begin to move up the frequency ladder towards more clarity, connection, expansion, and self-understanding and with this comes Universal understanding, self-empowerment, and the realization of your true creative power.