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Mariah Baretta is Celestial Channel, Quantum Healer and Teacher and Illumination Coach


One Precious Light


Daily Inspiration for Self Actualization

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a photo-essay book
by One Precious Ligh

Based on channeled writings from higher dimensions, Luminous is designed to help readers gain more insight into the inner workings of the Unconscious Mind. The artwork is based on Sacred Geometry, the Celestial Realms, and Earth to attune readers’ hearts and minds to the inter-connectivity of the entire Universe.


Celestial Readings

All Celestial Readings are channeled messages from spirit guides, angels, ascended masters, and light based beings. Each reading is done in a way to help one navigate any challenges they might be having - to choose the best course of action, and the highest perspective to empower, build confidence, and ease the heart and mind. These are spiritual readings from the highest perspective inspiring love and light based decisions, thoughts, feelings, and actions.


Quantum Healing

Quantum Healing sessions re-orient the Spirit to align with the natural flow of Source energy, riding the energetic system of any lower vibrational energies. This process allows for the natural flow of Source Light through the physical body, mind, and soul helping to clear the way for self-actualization and spiritual power.


Skywalking Mentorship

Personalized Transformational Program and Healing Intensive

Based on the 5 platonic solids, Metatron’s Cube, and the process of Alchemy and Transmutation, this program offers a in-depth exploration of the Spirit, Mind, Heart, Body, and Actions of the inner and outer self. Through energy healing, spirit communication, multi-dimensional travel, attunements, activation’s, and creativity, we explore the multi-level reality and how to transmute, transform, and expand both the inner and outer world.




I only align with high vibrational beings. One Precious Light is the real deal.
I have seen physical and tangible changes that I was not able to achieve any other way.
I often use the meditations One Precious Light has taught me. That has brought a lot of change and transformation in my life. Her grounding meditation, balancing the yin/yang and violet flame meditations are all something I use regularly and they have each done what they are supposed to.
I love One Precious Light’s channeled messages - they always feel like they are being spoken to me particularly and are exactly what I need. Also - results I’ve gotten from her sessions set her apart. She is also very approachable which is hard to come by.
Is it weird to say miracles? Huge transformative shifts have taken place after I see her for energy healing.
A session with One Precious Light is a quantum leap into truth.
I had residual cords with a person from a relationship that ended and I was very distraught about. She did resolve this - after a few healing sessions, I felt better. And in real life, this person returned organically, and I got closure, and have since moved on and never think about them anymore. I also went to her because I had issues with my dad, and that has since healed as well. I saw a lot of visuals when I was receiving energy healing though I can’t really explain how it worked, I just know that it did, because the people who bothered me before in huge ways, don’t anymore.